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All About Me

Piano lessons create a deep appreciation of music and provide an emotional release for both performers and listeners. It's why I love teaching piano full-time from my home studio where all ages and all levels of ability (from beginner to advanced) are welcome. 

Using proven methods that are age-appropriate, I provide instruction from preliminary to ARCT and all levels of rudiments. My programs are well-rounded, based on classical music, and incorporate the aspects which are the foundation for all other music genres and instruments. Whether you want to learn piano for enjoyment or follow an accredited path, my approach and creation of a tailor-made lesson will help anyone reach their goals and ambitions. 

Without question, music is an enriching and key component in well-rounded education. Musical training

encourages responsibility, self-confidence, poise, and etiquette that benefits school activities and life experiences. By creating numerous positive effects on our physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth, music has been proven to:

1. Improve concentration (which benefits many other endeavors)

2. Increases the self-discipline that is necessary for any type of success

3. Provide positive performance experiences that build self- confidence

My Background

" But perhaps the best reason for playing music is for the sheer enjoyment it provides. " 

Education and Accreditation

My own training and professional experience has been both extensive and accomplished.

  • Ottawa, Ontario - RCM Piano Teachers’ ARCT Diploma under Gladys Boyd

  • Theory and advanced pedagogy under Ada Sparks

  • Piano performance under Lyle Gustin from the RCM in Toronto

  • Pedagogy Diploma from Douglas College under Dr. Richard Kitson

  • Victoria Conservatory of Music performance and pedagogy diploma with Susan de Burge and Michael Redshaw

  • Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Specialist in Piano -Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced

  • Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Specialist in Theory - Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced

  • Certified Kelly Kirby Instructor

  • Member of BCRMT Vancouver Branch

  • Member of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers Association (CFMT)

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